Holey Moley: Layers

In between other work I managed to get a sample done yesterday (top) for Holey Moley, an online course I’m doing. This month’s topic is Layers and the top layer is a piece of knitting stitched onto panne velvet then burnt with the heat gun.
This technique is covered by the course too but I did this previously It’s various fabrics placed on a felt backing, covered with poly organza, stitched and burnt with a small blow torch.

I had to take my sewing machine to get fixed today – the screw you loosen to change the needle broke off – how annoying is that! So no more sewing for a while as I gave my old machine to my daughter.

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  1. Love the second one …….. all octopussy!! Have had a wonderful time the past couple of days catching up on all your blog posts – I always find them so inspiring – the transitions from plain fabric to rather complex designs and the way you incorporate samples which could perhaps sometimes be seen as rather insignificant into finished pieces of art!

  2. Blow torch.. would never have put that in my list of must have tools for sewing or knitting.
    Must say though that it turned out a top piece of fabric.

  3. Love the work very interesting I have a heat gun that cuts away backing from may machine embroidery never thought of using it to burn out holes in quilts. Which web site has the lessons you are doing?? I do some online through learningfa a yahoo group which are mainly thread painting the ones you are doing look more interesting.

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