Christmas swap & a workshop

This is the gorgeous Christmas decoration I received from Suzanne. On the back (below) she’s hand embroidered part of the chorus from the Christmas carol: We Three Kings of Orient Are. I’m very impressed – its beautifully done and I love it – thankyou Suzanne!

Yesterday I tutored a workshop for the 84 Group on print & paint techniques. I didn’t take photos there but here area couple of my test and demo pieces. Above: printing with bleach – left: using a slice of pool noodle & right: a lino print.
Below: demo pieces with various techniques – the idea for the cardboard block where I’ve cut around circle shapes then removed the top layer of cardboard is from Melanie Testa’s book: Inspired to Quilt. I’ve used cardboard before but I like this combination of shapes and stripes. Her book is mainly about printing with dyes for transparent layering in her journal quilts – quite interesting with some different ideas.

My next challenge is to try soy wax and gelatine printing as I’m doing a workshop for Designing women in April and have not tried either of the techniques before, although I have done traditional batik using parrafin and bees wax. I also have to get my textile tantrum for Dale finished this week and then my quilt for Stitched and Bound if I can.

And the exciting news is that I’m going to Japan again in late April/May. My daughter Kathleen wants to go and has talked me into going too as she didn’t want to travel alone. So I should get to see some cherry blossoms. It will be a bit late but we’re going to Takayama which is high in the mountains and has flowers later. We’re also going to Tokyo and plan to visit fabric town and Tomato (famous fabric shop).

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  1. Gorgeous prints Linda, let me know if you are coming down our way and I’ll organise to have a workshop on them!!!
    Did you see you have won a giveaway on Magstitch???

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