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Above: made from the left over bits from another work in progress. I stiched them onto poly chiffon then heat-gunned from the back.
Below: The finished quilt ‘Magic Carpet’. I first blogged this quite a while ago. I thought it was going to be a bag but decided it could be a wall piece but when I put on a backing and bound the edges I thought it needed more. I’ve now stitched on a lot of beads which has given it sparkle and more richness. I’m going submit it for the Quiltwest exhibtion in May – although they’ll probably hate it! I’m also putting in my reject quilt from last years OZ Quilt exhibition. They say they will hang at least one from everyone, so we’ll see what happens.
I’d be interested in any feedback on my new quilt. I’m not really sure whether I should carry on with quilting.

Below: a detail of ‘Magic Carpet’

My package from Maggie Grey’s givaway arrived yesterday. It was a lovely surprise and included one of Maggie’s sample pieces, lutradur, romeo some hand-dyed cottons and silk, yarn and other fabrics all in colours I will enjoy using.

The drought has finally broken in Perth – a very bad storm yesterday evening with huge hail stones, lots of wind and rain which caused a lot of damage but we were lucky and just got the much needed rain – although we were without power for several hours. Others won’t have power for several days apparently. Daughter Kathleen has some broken windows and damaged cars. I thought the storm would clear the air but it’s still warm and muggy.

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  1. I love your Magic carpet Linda. It reminds me of the kilms from Morrocco. The colours and textures are fabulous and I love the different hanging beads. Please finish it, I think it is well worth it and will be a real treasure.
    All the best,

  2. I like your work but if the quilt world is driving you a little buggy maybe you just need to approach your work from a different angle. Why not the hand or machine embroidery world or the people that do embellishing (not sure what you call them) or seek out the contemporary quilters and move away from the traditional quilters. It happens in all arts that have a long tradition.

  3. I love your magic carpet too I love the colours and textures. I don’t know much about the quilting world but agree with Ann perhaps approach it from an textile art point of view ……i only know I’m liking what I see on your blog …..Lornaps thanks for visiting me I think we talk the same language about colours and textures x

  4. I’m just getting into textiles & I don’t think there was anything on your blog I didn’t like! I see your beautiful hanging is not a quilt from a quilter’s point of view, but what’s in a name? Carry on, please, & call it something else 🙂

  5. Cool, very Cool! I have been quilting since the early 70’s. Art quilts are not accepted well by the people who still believe that quilting is just little squares and triangles. If you are happy with your work, then stop worrying about what judges think of things. They are paid to pick quilts for awards. So they have to be critical. Unfortunately, it hurts when you get negative feedback. In one show, I didn’t win anything, BUT my quilt sold for more than the best of show award!!! So who’s the biggest winner?! Hold your head up and sew from the heart. Your quilts are beautiful!!!!

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