New ATCs and Tree

Slowly getting back to work – The cold I caught while in Japan is nearly gone but still feeling tired and not 100% yet.

Today we had to get our big Marri tree cut down because it was dying. I’m very sad as it’s always overlooked our back garden with lovely shade and shelter for the birds and animals. The garden looks very bare without it. But on the plus side the vegie garden will have more sun and we’ll have room for a couple more fruit trees.

Before and after below.

The men who did the job were very good – one of them climbed up to the top, cut the branches one by one and guided them down so they didn’t damage our grapefruit tree or anything else in the area. They’ve cleared up and mulched all the mess but still have to come back to cut down the main trunk.

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  1. Sorry about the cold. Flying tends to go that. It’s too bad about the tree. I always mourn them. The ATC’s are great. Thanks for commenting on my blog.

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