Japan & the Perth Craft & Quilt Fair

I made a collage of these photos of wood slats at the village in Takayama – I’d like to use them somehow in my work. Further thought required!
Below: just had to show some more cherry blossom at the temples in Takayama. The tree on the left has been bandaged – not sure why.

This red flower (Camellia?) was in the same area – gorgeous aren’t they?
Below: Rikugien Gardens in Tokyo. My friend Reiko (who I met at the Yokohama Quilt Fair last year) and her daughter, Akiko, met us in Tokyo. We all had lunch together then they took me to these beautiful gardens and an old style shopping street. We had a lovely afternoon. The tree is typically asymmetrical which as Reiko explained, is preferred in Japanese gardens.

Yesterday I went to the Craft & Quilt Fair in Perth and had a big surprise. My two quilts I entered in the QuiltWest exhibition both won prizes. Magic Carpet won first in the amateur small quilt category & Stitch Sampler Quilt won second in the first time entrant section. I’m quite thrilled as its been a while since I’ve won anything and I had been wondering if I should even continue trying to make quilts.
There seemed to be more of interest to me at the fair this year but I didn’t buy too much – only some Wonderfil threads, a small amount of fabric, a jar of paint and some embroidery scissors. The WAFTA Naturally exhibition was there too and looked good again in the different venue.
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  1. Well done re prizes, what a buzz! Beautiful blossom – doesn’t seem to last long here on Skye but wonderful when it does come.

  2. Love your collage of the wood slats – maybe a quilt idea in the making?!! And congratulations winning prizes… funny how you were awarded them at a time you were questioning yourself. Life loves to throw out curve balls!

  3. Hi Linda, I’, a new follower. The trees you saw were wrapped as this protects them from the frost in Winter.When my parents went to Japan, this is what they were told.

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