Good and Bad News

The bad news first: my quilt, Red Gum, was not selected for Stitched & Bound. I’m just posting the detail pic today because I will submit the quilt for other exhibitions. This time I went to the trouble and expense of professional photos but I’m not sure if that helped. I think they sharpened the image too much and the colour is actually a bit darker than the photos. I would have taken them back but didn’t have time.

Any way, the day after that news arrived, I had a phone call from Embellish Magazine to tell me I had won 2nd prize in their Embellished Scarf Competition and a cheque’s in the mail, so that made me feel a little better. It’s been quite a while since I entered and I had presumed that I was unsuccessful. The scarf will be on display at the Brisbane Textile Fair, then it will come back to me.

DH with the remains of our tree after the tree loppers finally came back and finished the job. And below, a couple more garden pics of native plants that are flowering in our front garden now.

Pincushion Hakea

Ned Kelly Grevillea
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  1. LOVE the detail of your Red Gum quilt … can’t imagine it not being selected. I’m getting very excited about the workshops in Bunbury – rummaging and packing now! Look forward to meeting you, cheers Cait

  2. Sorry your quilt didn’t get in especially after the expense of a photographer and not surprised that you won a prize in the scarf competion.
    That’s a lot of wood.

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