Last week’s workshops

Above: Some of the lovely ladies from Bunbury Creative Textile Group with work from the second day of workshops. The first day we did a little dyeing and lots of printing – the second day was machine embroidery with some foiling, painted vliesofix, burning, solubles, etc.
They have a great venue at the Art Centre which is used by several different groups, and they looked after me well, with delicious soups and cakes for lunch. We stayed nearby with relatives, who it was also nice to catch up with.

Above: A sample piece I did in the workshop and just finished at home – Kunin felt with painted vliesofix ironed on, gold flakes, foil, threads, nylon glitz – topped with a chiffon scarf then stitched and burnt with a heat gun.

Cords made on the sewing machine. Right: cord from yarns, twisted and zigzagged over with small pieces of organza and fancy yarn added.
The 2 circular cords were made from the pantyhose shown left. You cut a strip 3 -4 cms from the leg, then stretch it out while stitching over it with zigzag. These are great for applying to embroideries because you don’t have to worry about securing the ends.
The flower in the centre of the pic was done by free stitching on vilene 541. I used the circular cord around the centre of the flower, looping it and holding with a wooden skewer as each loop was stitched in place. These cords also make a nice edge for shapes and I’ve used them for edging postcards if they turn out the right size.
You might need to click on the pic to see it better.

Big draw and announcement on Friday (see previous post) for commenters.

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  1. Love that sample piece – wish I could have joined your class! You inspire me to get my zigzag part fixed as I loved making cords before I moved up here.

  2. Thanks for a fantastic workshop Linda! These pics are great – and love your completed pieces. But aagghhh, you could have photoshopped out my wrinkly tights! Does that make them ‘looses’? cheers, Cait

  3. Looks like a great workshop. I must try the panthose-think I still have some around here but not the pretty plum. I just joined to follow you-realized I’ve been reading your blog through Yahoo.

  4. Hi Linda, love the blog, am now a follower..
    Am so glad you like the swap quilt, always a worry when sending things away..

    Love the Japan photos..


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