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Lace flower free machine embroidered on sticky soluble. 19 x 20cms Not sure what I’ll do with this – maybe it needs to part of a larger piece.

New covered journals made from my printed/painted fabrics.

Work in progress: it still needs quite a bit more stitching. I’m making it to fit a frame I have. 29 x 29cms square.

Above: the quilt I did for the swap in the previous post. It looks distorted in the pic but it isn’t really. I haven’t heard back from the recipient – I hope that means she’s away, not that its got lost or she doesn’t like it!
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  1. I’m just catching up with your beautiful work & I don’t know where to look firt! I just know I need to get on with some making…after my holiday!

  2. Hi Linda, I couldn’t find your email addy, so replying here. Yes I did enjoy the transfer painting workshop, fantastic teacher. The technique could be used to many ways.. When I’m ready I’ll be doing some more..

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