New bag & postcard

The bag is made from dressmaking remnants and fabric that was given to me, which I’ve dyed and printed. The fringe was from a truly daggy white lace poncho that I bought for $1 at an Opp shop – thought the lace would be good for dispersal dyeing (it was). The fringe dyed beautifully with Procion dyes and was the right colours for the bag. BACK view below.

The gorgeous post card and little seahorse were a surprise gift from Judy. Thanks so much, they’re both wonderful! Sorry it’s taken a while to post them here – been busy with family matters.
The postcard above was made of the left over pieces from the bag and below another new ATC.

I’ve recently joined a critique group – my first meeting with them was on Friday at my house. I think it will be very useful for me to get some critical feedback on my work – hopefully will help me focus on what is most important to me! That is one of the things I miss since finishing my degree in 1999 – even though critical appraisal of one’s work is not always a positive experience.

I’ve also resigned from Innovative Stitches – I’ll miss the people but again, it will help me focus on my own work programme.

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  1. Gee Linda, your bag is really terrific!! The dyed poncho worjked really well didn’t it. I bet you got a kick out of dyeing those fabrics and turning them into something beautiful.
    Thanks for the comments on my blog too.
    Glad you liked your gifts.I love my phone pouch.

  2. Hi, I absolutely love this bag and I love that it is made from remnants ~ I think that is so inspiring.
    I think the critique group is a great idea ~ it is definately good to get a critical eye to keep you pushing forward!
    Good luck and best wishes!

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