Black on Black

This is a section of a piece that is 15 x 35cms on the theme of Black is Black. Its the 2nd of a series for our Designing Women exhibtion in November. The 1st, posted earlier, was A Whiter Shade of Pale. It actually has touches of red and siver in it but the colour scan I did turned out much too red.
I haven’t been doing much art or blogging lately because of some family concerns. My Mother has been in hospital for 2 weeks but is home today and I’ve recently become Guardian & Administrator for my Uncle who has Alzheimers. He has been in hospital for 3 weeks and we’ve been trying to organize some respite care for him because it has been so cold here and he won’t keep his heater on. Of course they were in different hospitals so there’s been a lot of driving – well over 100kms on a typical visiting day.
On top of that I’m going to need surgery for gallstones!
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  1. Love the black on black;hate the news of what you are going through. Alzheimers is such a terrible condition. I hope your Mom is better. Gall stone surgery-ugh! At least now with the micro surgery they do, it hopefully will be less of a problem. Good luck with all of it.

  2. I have been through all of the problems you just mentioned. No one knows unless they have been there. I also had the gallstone surgery. Eventually, things will get sorted out. It just takes time. Love your work.

  3. Linda I hope things improve for you soon–I had Gallstone surgery when I was 18 and I can assure you it will be a pleasure when you get rid of the darn trouble makers.
    Take care my friend.

  4. No wonder you have gallstones with all the stress you have at the moment. I hope you get your surgery soon. It’s not such a big op these days as I understand it. Look after yourself while you have so many responsibilities.

    I like the black on black piece, the textures and shapes work well together.

  5. You’ll feel much better without your gall bladder – believe me! Wish it was so easy to get rid of what I now have. And I hope your other worries work out well. Love the Black on Black – look forward to seeing it in August. And congratulations on being AIR for Aus-NZ Art quilters again.

  6. Linda, your Black is Black is lovely, and oh so fitting for the horrible time that you are having right now! So sorry!!! Yes, nobody knows how it feels unless they’ve been there themselves! I hope life gets simpler for you very soon. Good luck with your gall bladder surgery: my 93 year old mother had it recently and recovered very quickly…so you should too!
    Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers!


  7. A friend of mine had gallstones out and was off on a girls weekend partying with us three days later. She was very relieved to be rid of the pain.
    Good luck dealing with all those responsibilities, sometimes they just seem to build up.
    The black is very cool.

  8. Hiya Linda, sorry to hear about the family concerns, goodness, everything is happening at once for you. Hope it all turns out well for you.
    Love your work, I’ve added you to my blog list, hope that’s okay.

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