Some time in the studio…

I’ve had a little time to play with print – here are some of the results. Above is printed from a grid made from fused plastic strips (orange). This idea came from a demo by Liz for Designing Women – doing all sorts of strange things with plastic. I could immediately see many possibilities.
I had used thin plastics in similar ways but not the thicker ones. I’m now collecting rings, milk bottles etc. for more experimentation.
Printed with sliced pool noodles, polystyrene, and grids.
Roller printing on crunched cotton fabric.
Scraped paint over printed with a stamp.
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  1. Ha: 3 Judys in a row leaving comments today Linda!
    Love what you’ve done here! How did you control/handle that small piece of plastic grid in the top photo? I would think it would be difficult to apply paint to it and then flip it to stamp. Am I missing something here?

    I’m glad you are having some time to play!


  2. Just catching up with your blog, you’ve been busy! Sorry about your family problems but glad you’ve had time in the studio to hopefully take your mind off things. Your printing & previous bags & postcards are wonderful 🙂

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