This was posted before as a work in progress… I finished it and framed it today. Now I need to find a space to hang it.
Thanks for all the comments, I do appreciate them. Judy asked how I printed with the plastic grid shown in my previous post. It is a little fiddly – I do it in the same way I would do a leaf print. Place the leaf or grid on a piece of scrap paper, ink with a sponge roller, carefully pick it up by the edges, place face down on fabric, cover with a piece of clean scrap paper, hold down while rolling over with a hard rubber brayer, lift paper then carefully lift printed object. It also works well for rubbings. I did one with Crayola fabric crayons but haven’t transferred it to fabric yet. I think it would be good for gelatin printing too.
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  1. I love everything about this piece. The overall effect of your colors and variation of lines and pattern is very good. It is also a good use of your stamping. You have created a focal point for your work. Good job.

  2. beautiful piece Linda! I want to get up real close to admire it, and also to touch it!
    thanks for the explanation on your lovely gridwork. that may be a bit too ‘fiddly’ as you call it, for me. I tend to be pretty sloppy in the studio. argh!


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