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There has been some discussion on the Complex Cloth Yahoo group about a new discharging product: deColourant Plus which was being promoted as a less smelly and safer alternative to the existing products. Dave very kindly offered to send samples to interested members so they could do their own testing. I didn’t think he would be prepared to post a sample to Australia from the USA but 2 jars (a colourless & a dark purple) arrived last week and I’ve done a few tests (above)
I found it discharged very effectively, even on some fabrics that hadn’t worked very well with other products. There is a smell – similar to Jacquard but not nearly as bad, however I would recommend wearing a mask – it does state on the jar to use it in a well ventilated area.

My samples are all done on cotton dyed with Procion MX except the red fabric wich is a purchased cotton/linen mix.
Top left: stencilled with purple. Top middle: block print with colourless (lightest spots – the tan spots were done previously – I think with bleach) Top right: colourless – block printed on rayon.
Bottom from right: fabric sample before discharging, next – painted with purple and colourless, red fabric – mono and sponge printed with colourless. Bottom from left: block printed, next – painted with sponge brush – watered down colourless.

I found the product quite thick and it still worked well watered down a little. This also gives some more variation in the final colour. All the methods I used worked well – I rather like the effect I got painting both colourless and purple very watered down with a sponge brush (bottom left) I ironed the samples when wet and dry and also left one sample to cure in the sun which worked well too. I did follow the suggestion to leave the ironed fabric 24 hours before washing.

I’m not sure why anyone would want the product in a dark colour – the idea is to add colour at the same time as removing the background colour, but dark colours would show up anyway without the discharge. My only thought would be that the fabric would look different from the back where the discharged areas would be lighter. I did like the purple watered dowm a lot but wouldn’t buy it. I will certainly buy the colourless product. Neither changed the fabric’s hand. I haven’t tried it on silk yet.

Above: more deColourant on 1 metre of rayon. This was my fabric from a round robin last year – I’m liking it much more now but still not finished.
Below: a quilt top I made this week using some of my dyed/printed fabrics. I think I’ll add a border but have to put it away for now and get on with my exhibtion work. This was a distraction that happened because I bought a reel of variegated cotton thread and was looking for fabrics that would go with it!
I discovered 2 new shops – Materialise: where I bought the thread and some bits and pieces of quilt fabrics (they have some gorgeous stuff – lots of Japanese fabrics too) Sophie, who owns it, was doing textiles at Curtin Uni the same time as me. The other shop was an outlet shop – Potters Textiles in West Leederville. They had some great fabrics – more for dressmaking but they also had bags of samples and remnants from $3 bag. I got a lovely lot for $19.
Below: a small piece using the left over scraps from the quilt, stitched with the new thread.

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  1. Thanks for testing the deColorant and writing about it. We’ve been talking about it but will wait for spring now and work outside.

    Nice quilts.

  2. Love all your samples Linda – we are selling de Colourant but only in the clear and not colours – I am finding it quite interesting as one who doesn’t do a lot of discharge and easy to use. Dale

  3. Lovely samples. I have bought a bottle of the clear from Dale and have just started experimenting. thanks for visiting my blog. We don’t see many bandicoots here any more, not sure why.

  4. I spent last week studying with Jane Dunnewold at her studio in San Antonio and we tested the deColourant there. It seemed to us that it reacted better and faster than the similar Jacquard product. We also tried the product with the copper color added and it was stunning. I do want to try the black…may be a good way to get a nice black on silk, don’t you think?


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