New covered sketchbooks

I was asked to do some more of these for a gallery shop. These are the first 4. They were photographed tonight so the colours might be slightly off but I’m going to take them in tomorrow and won’t have time then. Top: commercial fabrics pieced and stitched with some block printing and beaded braid added. The middle 2 (opened out) are dispersal dyed and stitched.

Dyed and printed fabric, quilted and embroidered.
An update on our exhibition which finishes on Sunday: It’s been quite successful – quite a few pieces sold, including one of mine. We had a big sale on Thursday while I was on roster – a woman brought 7 pieces which was great. Her Christmas shopping I think! The only problem has been that several people said they had trouble finding the gallery. I’ll post some pics after it’s finished.
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  1. Just wonderful! I’ve added a tiny square of my work to inexpensive notebooks for craft fairs but I’d love to do something more substantial for the summer season.

    Loved your herbs & the 2 seater below.

    Come by for a blogaversary giveaway!

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