Family Christmas

Well, daughter Renee went back to Japan last night, after a busy 2 week visit, the decorations have been put away and I guess we’re back to normal now. We had a great Christmas lunch at Kathleen’s house and then in the evening we had over 40 people at our house. I was too busy to take any photos then!
New Year was quiet but we’ve had some good times with family and friends over the holidays.

I bought some shelves and storage things at Ikea after Christmas and have been organising my sewing room and spare room so I can more easily access  my supplies. Everything is tidy at the moment but that may not last long!
And have managed to do a little textile work in between, mainly quilting. Nothing photographed yet.
Hope you all have a happy and creative 2011.

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  1. Sounds a lovely Christmas. I’m glad you think things may not stay tidy for long, gives me hope, as I rarely manage it for more than a few days!

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