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This is one of the quilts I’ve been working on – it’s quilted but hasn’t been bound yet and still needs some embellishment. As I’m not really a quilter, I feel I need some practice with putting a quilt together, quilting and finishing but I won’t be doing any very intricate, traditional work. I am enjoying putting together some of my dyed/printed fabrics.

Today’s interesting mail was first, my prize from Emma in Skye which had been held up because of the winter weather in UK over Christmas. Lots of goodies in the parcel – papers, fabrics, 1 of her embroidered brooches, yarns, rusted metal – a selection of the things she uses in her wonderful collages. I haven’t worked very much with papers lately but I think this lot will inspire something! Thanks very much Emma!
The second interesting mail was the return of my 2 textile tantrum pieces from Dale (the thread studio) These were done early last year and have been traveling and in various exhibitions since. Dale is having a ‘pick a pocket’ challenge this year, see her website.

Above: samples using deColourant and deColourant plus on Procion dyed cotton and blue commercial fabric. I brought some clear and pastel colours because they had some specials. One thing I really like about the colours is that they don’t discernably change the hand of the fabric. The pale stripes on the red fabric was done to use up the product on my brush and it’s very watered down but I quite like the effect.
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  1. Fabulous quilt, wonderful colors, makes me want to try to understand my Christmas present better ‘Art Cloth’. i need to take it a bit at a time 😉

    So glad my package got to you safely, enjoy playing!

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