Another journal quilt & more

My newest journal quilt which I will post on the 3 Creative Studios Flickr Group. It’s one piece of fabric – started out as a print. The flowers are made from paper towel used for moping up dispersal dye. I’ve cut them into shapes, used them for printing on polyester fabrics, then glued them to my quilt fabric and sealed them with acrylic wax. Then made the quilt.
A collection of dyed fabrics that may end up as a quilt – there is enough for a good sized quilt.

Another block printed fabric – looks a bit Christmasy with the green and gold.
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  1. Hello Linda! I recently joined as a follower of your blog and think you might love to hear about deColourant. It removes and replaces the dyed color of fabrics (wool, cotton, silk, hemp, etc) with ease and gives off a slight citrus smell. It has recently been named one of the TOP 20 new products at CHA 2011! Your imagination can run wild while you create some unique and one of a kind quilts.

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