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Announcing my Thermofax screen service at last!
The fabrics above were printed with screens I’ve made using my new thermofax machine – I can do up to A4 size. For all the information, please click on the thermofax heading at the top of my blog.

To celebrate, I’m having a giveaway for anyone who comments – I would be interested in any constructive feedback. If you would like to put a link to this on your blog or order a screen, you will get an extra entry. The winner can choose 1 of the designs below which I will make up into a small framed screen sent to you with a small piece of printed fabric. The draw will be on April 8th. Good luck!

Thanks for all your previous comments and an update on DH who has had knee replacement surgery: he is home from hospital and doing quite well.
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  1. I’m glad your husband is doing well.

    Those are really nice screens. How big are they? The ones I’ve seen are smallish. I particularly like the holes. The top left looks very Japanese and is appealing. The flower is nice. Leaves are my thing. The repeat pattern is my least favorite but still one I like. It would depend on how big it is and how much of the fabric it would cover.

    I think flowers and Ethnic designs are always good sellers.

  2. On the size issue, we in the states don’t know what A4,5, 6 are, so maybe a note somewhere for we holdouts of a non-metric system. That I’ll never understand, metric is so much easier.

  3. Linda – great to hear you are working with thermofax screens Lovely designs.- I have recently purchase my first tiny one and am keen to get going – would love to win any of yours and am busily thinking of designs I could have translated into another screen.

  4. Really lovely screens. What a luch to have such a machine. It is such a lovely job to work with the screens. Good luck for you and myself of course!
    gr. Marjolijn

  5. glad your husband is home. I have wanted to learn about thermofax printing but cant find a local who does it. May have to come to Perth and have some lessons. Love to be in the draw.
    Have realised I dont even know what you do with a screen if you get one!

  6. I read your thermofax blog the other day and am trying to make up my mind which design to email you, hopefully next week will be a little kinder to me so that I can order,and would love to be in your draw. The top two of your designs would me my favourites at this time. I am not familiar with A6, what are the measurements there?

  7. Gee this looks like fun!!Love the effects.I haven’t tried this technique yet, nor seen the results, but it looks fab!I’d love to be in the draw Linda.

  8. I’ve got some screens and a book but have yet to get around to using them.I ‘d love to be included in your draw.My favourites are the repeat and the bubbles.I keep looking at your fabrics and drooling.

  9. Congrats on your new thermofax… how exciting! I would love to have one someday. I’m looking forward to seeing how you use it on your blog (which I regularly follow 🙂 Your stitching and use of color is always inspiring. I love the purple fabric in the lower left corner with the leaf print on the bottom. Stunning!

  10. Congrats! Lovely designs & reasonable prices – your fabrics look great. What do you think postage would be to the UK?

    I’ve just edited my post from yesterday to give you a mention & I’m trying to decide which image I’d like to send you of mine….it might have to be the grasses.

  11. Congratulations on your new Thermofax business. I too have bought some Thermofax screens but haven’t been able to get into my studio to use them yet. I would love the abstract open weave image if I was lucky enough to win. I shall look forward to seeing what you do with the images in your own work here. Good luck with your Thermofax business.

  12. I just found your blog and would love to be entered to win one of your lovely pieces. I would love the flower or leaf pattern. Thanks for the chance.

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