New beads and fabric

While I was making this flower screen for the winner of my thermofax giveaway, I decided to do one for me too and do some prints from it. Above: printed on a dyed and discharged fabric with some hand painting added to bring out the flowers a little more.

Printed on another dyed and discharged fabric, without any handpainting. Below: printed on a sunprinted fabric. This looks much better than the photo – the flowers don’t blend in as much as this looks like. All these were done using textile printing ink and without washing the screen in between fabrics or colours. You can do a lot of prints as long as you don’t let the paint dry in the screen. (this is much more likely to happen when using acrylic paints which dry quicker)
As promised, my practise and class sample beads from my recent workshop: Bizarre Beads. Materials used in the pic below: polyester fabrics, acrylic felt, plastic bags, cling wrap, paper towel, nappy liner, cotton and silk fabrics, tyvek film, fun foam, thermoplastic foam, angelina film, threads, treasure gold, and embossing powders.

Hard to see the detail in some of these shrink plastic and friendly plastic pieces but I was pleased with them. Most will be sewn onto bags or other works. Below: some moulded friendly plastic and fun foam. The fun foam can be easily machine stitched so is good to incorporate into embroidery pieces. Click on any photos to see more detail.
Below: most of these are friendly plastic, softened with a heat gun then tangletuft or some other open type of fabric is embedded. On top of that, another molded piece is placed on. Because the fabric part can be machine stitched these are also great embellishments for other pieces.
I learnt some of these techniques at a workshop several years ago with British textile artist, Sarah Lawrence.

A journal quilt with one of the tangletuft pieces added on.

Below: these flowers could be brooches or embellishments – left is made from tyvek film, middle: machined cords, right: fabric scraps, layered and free machine stitched with brooch back attached.

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