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Above: breakdown print on silk – using Procion dyes. I love this process – hadn’t tried it on silk before and not my usual colours but I’m happy with how this has turned out. I think I’ll send it for the Artwear Publications complex cloth swap to be shown at the Brisbane Textile Art Festival. You have to send a piece of silk 70 cms square and this is about 80 x 120cms, which is good because I can cut out the best area and keep the rest myself. Finished pieces have to be posted by 31st May.

Another 2 scarves in progress. Same process – left one is silk twill and right one is a fine silk and cotton mix. I’ve been working hard in my studio for the past week – the weather is perfect for it and I’ve been trying to get as much as possible done before I go into hospital tomorrow to have my gall bladder surgery. I really don’t want to stop work and I’m not sure how long I’ll be out of action.

I’ve shown the above piece in B/W because the colours looked wrong in the photo – it’s a screen print on cotton using the same screen as the previous post. I’m going to add some stitching and stretch it over a canvas.
Below: I’ve wanted to try using a laser print with dispersal dyes for a while – it works! You paint over the print with the dye – the print resists the dye so that when it’s heat transferred onto fabric, you get a negative image.

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  1. Beautiful fabrics. Good luck with your surgery. The way they do things now, you won’t be out of action long. I was surprised at how fast I healed.

  2. Good luck Linda–you will be over it in no time.
    I had mine done when I was 19–(it is a medical problem in my family)
    an even back 50 years ago it didn’t take long to get over it–things are much better now.
    Take care.

  3. Hiya, love the fabrics. The black & white has such depth.. very nice.
    Good luck with the surgery, am sure you’ll be up and about in no time..


  4. Thanks for blog comment. Your work is an inspiration as always – love the silks above – ironically I was reading/thinking about that Artwear project this morning! Stay well and have reflexology soon, to aid post-op healing. Not that I’m biased or anything 😉 cheers

  5. Lovely fabrics Linda. I hope the surgery went rally well and that you are firing on all cylinders again. I shall look for your piece at the Textile Fair when I am there. Cheers.

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