Getting back to work

Here are my 2 latest journal quilts, the applique on the 1st quilt was designed by folding a piece of paper in 4, cutting out a design, opening it out and using the resulting paper shape as a pattern. Both the background and the applique fabrics were made from scrap pieces, bonding and stitching.
The 2nd is my version of a quilt from an article in the last QA magazine – not very creative of me I know, but it was done while I wasn’t feeling up to doing much at all.
I have been getting quite a few orders for the thermofax screens – check out what Emma has been doing with hers that I made with her own design. Lots of other lovely things on her blog too.
For more info, click on the thermofax tab at the top of my blog or go to my Etsy shop.
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  1. Thanks for the link!

    Love your pieces – any way to get back into doing is a good way.It’s restful to be guided sometimes!

    I’m going to try a fleur de Lys shape for my next pennant, might be a little too adventurous, we’ll see!

  2. Thank you for blog comment Linda. Your applique journal reminded me of many years ago at work when it was quiet, I would spend a *lot* of time cutting these, with the boss’s approval 🙂 It was very addictive – wish I’d kept some of them! cheers Cait

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