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A few posts ago I showed some dyed fabrics for 2 Lisa Walton workshops I was doing. Above is the result so far from the 1st one: Beneath the Surface. It will be a while before I get it finished as I’m busy with other things but I wanted to get it to the stage where I knew what I was doing with it. At the end of the workshop I had a piece that was totally curved so getting it to this stage was an achievement I think. Maybe curved piecing is not for me. I’m still not sure how you do it while keeping the edges straight.
By the way mine is Above the Surface now – it was an enjoyable workshop despite my curved result.

The above small quilt was a practise piece for free machine quilting – I have quite a few projects that get to the stage of the top pic but don’t get them quilted and finished. I’m happy with aspects of this one but as a whole it’s not working, so I think I might cut it up and re-assemble it. Any ideas anyone?

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  1. Hi Linda, if you go to You Tube, and type in Alicia Merrett, she shows this technique, plus a few different other examples of same..Very clear.
    Also on Quilting Arts dvd. Let me know if you want more info, and I’ll find out which series has the good demo’.
    I LIKE the curved piecing, but then I’m NOT a quilter!

  2. Thanks for your comments everyone – I will check out You Tube. I don’t have any trouble cutting or sewing the curves, just keeping the edges of the piece under control after piecing lots of curved strips!

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