Better now?

This is the quilt from my last post which I was going to cut up and re-assemble. I ended up cutting out the middle section only and adding in a new rectangle using some of the left over fabrics. I also added the squares around the border – I had been saving these for ages, waiting for a suitable project. I am now happy with the quilt.
Good News
We have been going through a rather difficult few months because my husband was found to have tumours in his lung. He’s had many unpleasant tests and they have found out finally that it’s Lymphoma. It’s thought to be low grade and for now, he won’t even need any treatment which is a big relief.
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  1. That is good news and knowing helps a lot. Something medical always throws you for a loop.

    The quilt is much better now. Bringing the dark into the print part unifies it. I like breaking up the edge with the small pieces too.

  2. Much better now, it’s amazing what a bit of jiggling can do. Best wishes to your husband, been there done that, it can weigh you down. Glad it was good news.

  3. I am sorry to read of your husband’s health problems. It is always difficult when you don’t know what the problem is. Your quilt is lovely too.

  4. Couldn’t imagine what the quilt would be like after you cut it up, so was interested to see the final result, and I really like what you have done with it – it really stands out.
    So sorry about your husband, but pleased that it’s not on the extreme scale – hope he gets better soon.

  5. Huge improvement. The dark center add a great focal point and making the edges irregular keeps your eyes dancing along the outer edge. Well done!
    I’m sure you’re relieved to know what his problem is. I know my imagination is generally worse than the truth.

  6. Hiya, glad to hear your husband and yourself have an answer, no matter what it is to have an actual name seems to help some. All the best for future good’s worth fighting for!!

  7. First, best wishes for your husband’s health. I know how frightening this can be for the whole family. I’m glad you have good news. As for your quilt; WOW, what a difference a pair of scissors and a good eye make! This is beautiful! Stop by and see what I’m creating with the smallest of scraps.

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