Exhibtion work.

Here is a little sneak peek at some of my exhibition pieces. I’ve spent all of today framing and getting ready – tomorrow we start hanging.
It’s going to be a mix of different types of work, some framed, some small quilts and wall hangings a couple of scarves, some old along with the new. Hope it all looks OK together. Just to top things off – I’ve had a really bad cold all week!
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  1. Great little peek at your lovely work. So sorry you had a cold- must have made things take much longer to assemble.Setting up is always stressful.

  2. Love the teasers, hope to see the whole or at least some more of the artworks after the event. Sorry to hear of the ‘bug’, there’s never a good time to have one of them.. good luck for the exhibition

  3. Looking forward to visiting your exhibition, even more so after seeing your “tasters”. Hope you are feelng better soon, there is no good time to catch a cold.

  4. These look delicious! Get better & I hope it all goes well – wonderful to have both textiles & printing, I don’t have to choose!

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