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Thank you  for all the encouraging comments on my last post.
Here we are at the opening night – below: Rivka’s great food. None left by the end of the evening! 
Genesis in the Hills is owned and run by Ita & Rivka who are very community minded and love to support the arts, especially local artists. They have a new exhibition every month as well as live jazz every first Saturday of the month and of course, wonderful food and coffee. 
We had over 30 people at the opening which was very good on such a wet night – some traveled quite a distance too and we’ve both had several sales already.
Thanks to Kana for the opening night photos and thanks to Eugenie for her work displaying the artworks – they looked much better after that.


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  1. Congratulations Linda – it all looks delicious … your gorgeous work and the food! Glad it went well and hope you’re both feeling lots better. cheers, Cait

  2. Well done you, looks great. 3 weeks to go for me & the panic is starting to set in!I’ll get there in the end, thanks for your enouragement 😉

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