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These are some of the fabrics I printed with my thermofax screens at the recent craft fair in Claremont. I sold some screens and caught up with many people I knew so it was good to have the opportunity to be there as a guest artist of The Thread Studio.
Below: isn’t this cute – pic sent by one of my thermofax customers who uses the screens to print the designs on her range of children’s clothing. You can see lots more on her Madeit shop: Red Alice Couture

This piece (below) was going to be in my exhibition but I didn’t have a suitable frame so it didn’t make it. The rose is moulded friendly plastic.

Below: 12 x 12 journal quilt in progress – still to be quilted. I haven’t been keeping up with these. Too much else happening at the moment.
My workshop at Fibres West is going ahead now there are enough people enrolled which is great. Also happening at the moment: DH just out of hospital and unsure if he’ll be able to go on our European river cruise next week, car trouble again after just getting it fixed, 90 year old uncle who I’m guardian of, having to go into permanent care – also next week. You can see why I haven’t been doing much blogging lately.

By the way, I’ll be going to Europe even if DH can’t because unfortunately we don’t have cancellation insurance. So would be interested in info on textile related museums, shops etc. in Amsterdam. Any Dutch readers out there?
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  1. Nice pieces. I never thought of molding friendly plastic, but it makes a lovely rose-must try.

    You’re having more family issues than I am. I hope everything resolves itself. It’s nice to be the reliable person in the family, but sometimes you just get tired.

  2. Hi Linda, I’m sorry to hear about your family issues. On this website is a list with quilt shops in Europe, including Amsterdam of course:
    Den Haan and Wagenmakers has the famous Dutch chintzes – well worth a visit.
    Not textile related but the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam is definitely worth a visit! Will you go anywhere else in the Netherlands?
    Best wishes,

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  4. Every thing seems to come at once so hopefully your European trip will be relaxing and enjoyable. Best wishes to your husband and hope all returns to normal if there is such a thing.Nice work too!

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