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Unfortunately we are still here. We had to cancel our trip because DH ended up in emergency early Friday morning (we were due to fly out Fri night) Fortunately it happened here and not on the plane and he came home this morning, still recovering though. Thanks to those who sent me information on Amsterdam but  I just couldn’t go without DH. We chose the river cruise because it would be relaxing and suitable for him but now I guess we’ll never go.

Our exhibition ended on Sunday and DD and I took it down Sun night. I hadn’t had an opportunity to photograph many of the pieces before-hand so here are some of them. Above: fabric paper background on a prepared canvas, distressed velvet with free machine embroidered flowers. This one has sold – 7 sales of my work – DH did well too.
Below: Rare Bloom: Specimen Box – flower free machine embroidered on soluble then moulded to shape while wet. I found the box which has a glass window in the lid at the reject shop for $5 – it just needed varnishing.
The framed works below are hard to photograph so apologies for the reflections & distortions. Coloured Stones: below – a reverse applique with FME and beading.
All That Glitters: fabric collage with hand made beads.
Patch Work: fabric collage, hand painted/printed, FME, beads and sequins stitched on.
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  1. I am sorry to hear that your trip had to be cancelled, hopefully your DH continues to recover without any more setbacks. Congratulations to you both on your sales at your exhibition.

  2. yes, I’m sorry your trip had to be cancelled too Linda.I hope your dear heart recovers soon.It must be a worry for you.
    Glad you had some good sales though.All the best for the future..

  3. Sorry about your trip-you would have just worried about him. It’s so scary when they go to the emergency room-just did that 10 days ago. I hope he’s doing well.

    That’s great about the sales but looking at these pieces, I’m not surprised.

  4. Am sorry to hear your DH ended up in hospital, but glad he’s home now and recovering. It’s a shame about the trip. Your exhibitions works are wonderful, well done.

  5. It is a shame, but hopefully he will recover and you can plan for the next one.
    Just put a link to your blog on Stitchin fingers-someone looking for Thermofax screeens

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