This silk scarf is screen printed with thickened procion dyes using a crocheted doiley for the deconstructed printing process. Then I made a thermofax screen from a scan of the same doiley and printed with de Colourant to discharge (the lighter lace images) I was very happy with how it turned out – it was started on the spur of the moment to use some mixed up dyes I had left. Sometimes things that don’t have a huge amount of working out beforehand turn out the best!

Below: the shapes were drawn with chalky pastels direct onto the fabric, then clear extender print paste was scraped over to seal. this makes it permanent after heat setting. I have washed it – if you miss any parts with the extender, it washes straight out. Afterwards I quilted it. This technique is simple but I love the hand drawn quality of it. I think I’ll make a bag with this piece.

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  1. Fabulous photos of your lovely work. I’ve just been catching up with your other posts, too. What a shame about your well earned trip but I hope your DH is on the mend. So glad the show went well, I wish I could touch most of those pieces! V inspiring, they make me want to run to my squares books & make some into a larger than usual hanging. Don’t thik I’ll quite manage before my show – only 9 days left! Perhaps I’ll work on some during the show?….

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