New work

Thermofax print – same screens as used on the silk scarf a couple of posts ago – this is Permaset on cotton.
Below: last Sunday I did a workshop tutored by textile artist extraordinaire: Elizabeth Morley at our local Australian Sewing Guild group.
We all made a leaf brooch and tried some of Elizabeth’s methods for flowers. The small flowers I used to decorate the brooch, were ones I had done previously. It was an enjoyable day.
Sun print with mizuna leaves (Japanese salad vegetable) Renee planted them in the garden – they’ve been very good but now are going to seed so I thought I’d use some of the interesting shaped leaves – might do some more but will have to wait until we get a sunny day. Spring seems to have disappeared for now.

The last 2 pics are dye prints done a while ago to which I’ve added some discharge (de Colourant) I think this has improved them – maybe they are finished now. 
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  1. Good morning Linda,

    I’ve just discovered your blog – you are doing lovely work, thank you for sharing it.
    I’ve been trying sun prints using SetaColour silk, do you mind sharing what you use?

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