Road trip to Goomalling

DH is feeling much better now so Friday we drove out into the country to see the wildflowers and Humble Fibres – Vivid Creations, an exhibition of textiles held at the restored Slater homestead in Goomalling (first 3 pics). We enjoyed the textiles and our lunch of home made soup and garlic bread.
Everything was lovely and green but the wildflowers were disappointing in Goomalling – we had to go further north around the Wongan Hills district where they were much better.
Visited Dowerin looking for wildflowers – saw some but not spectacular. Above: entrance to the town with the tin dog.
We stayed overnight in Goomalling then on Saturday went to Wongan Hills and walked the Christmas Rock Trail, near the town (pics below).
Today we went South to Boddington to see the Field of Quilts – I’ll post some pics next time.
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  1. It’s lovely to get out and see the countryside isn’t the wonderful earthy walls, and’s a long time since we visited W.A., but can still picture the wonderful wildflowers near Geralton.The beautiful heather.The variety of flowers in one samll area was stunning.
    We loved the ease of getting to and from Perth. Great roads!

  2. Super pictures especially the first two, that door among the stonework -a textiles inspiration? I am hoping we get to see some wildflowers this weekend in Hyden. I gather there are quite a few orchids around there. We saw a few a week ago in Kulin and some smoke bush, leuchanaltia, box poison in full bloom on our way back as we took a back road,never thought to take the camera.

  3. Lovely photographs Linda. Our wildflowers have been lovely this year, wetter autumn. Of course, WA is much more famous for them than our little patch of Qld. Those stone/brick walls look intriguing. Thank you for such lovely images.

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