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I’ve been invited to take part in ‘Gifted’, Sunday November 13th, It will be an opportunity to purchase gorgeous, handcrafted gifts (or treat yourself) from some of WA’s textile artists. I’ll have my thermofax screens with some new designs, printed/dyed fabrics, scarves, covered journals etc. Hope to see you there!

Embellish Magazine ran an art cloth swap at the Brisbane Textile Art Festival this year. I’m a little late writing about this but above is a scan of the first page of the article in the lastest issue (Vol 2 Issue 7) My cloth, Corrosion, is at the bottom of the page. I was lucky enough to receive Natural Treasures by Marie-Therese Wisniowski as my swap piece, which I love – it’s the piece with rich geens and gold, 3rd row down. More info on her blog.
I had a wonderful, very busy week at Fibres West, with my 11 fabulous students. I’ll post some pics of their work next post.
They worked very hard and acheived much. It was a great experience all round – catching up with people, seeing what the other classes were doing, as well as the lecture programme and evening activities.
Unfortunately while I was away, my Mum had to go into respite care – she was in hospital when I left but it was felt that she wasn’t well enought to cope at home. Hoping to get services in place soon so she can go home again and also dealing with clearing out my Uncle’s property before selling it, things are pretty stressful at present. I may not post as often for a while.
The doileys are from a series I did while a student at Curtin University – more of my old slides now converted to digital format so I can re-visit them.
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  1. I’m sorry to hear you have a lot to deal with with your Mum and your uncle at the moment. I know what it’s like to have to make these arrangements and to have to empty someone’s house as I have had to get my mum into care this last year and have had to empty her house and also the house of a very dear elderly friend who passed away in May. These times are very stressful and sapping of energy, not to mention all the paperwork that comes with it. Somebody gave me some advice when we started this journey, not to panic and to take things slowly. It is the one piece of advice I keep coming back to and which has helped me get through it this far. I have had less time for creativity but when I have found the time it has helped remind who I am in all this worry. I have always prioritised but this last year/18 months had made me reassess the important things. Sadly housework is relegated still further down my list πŸ˜‰ I hope you stay positive and look after yourself while you are caring for everyone else.

  2. I am sorry to hear about your Mum,and hope everything gets sorted so both of you feel comfortable with the decisions that have to be made. I know it is stressful as Julie said but take one day at a time. Jim and I have spent the day helping friends clear their mother’s room at a nursing home and it was tough. Not much creativity happening here, but tomorrow is another day and you never know.

  3. I can’t imagine how stressful it must all be, some good advice above.

    if I’d chosen the peoples choice it would have been your piece (the one chosen was lovely too!) but I love all that’s going on in yours. Keep it up when you can πŸ˜‰

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