Fibres West: my students’ work

Here are a few of Fay’s photos featuring student work done in my recent Mark Making on Cloth workshop. They got some great results, especially since none of them had tried deconstructed screen printing before – although some were experienced at printing and dye techniques. I hope I have some pieces from everyone here.

(Lorna asked what deconstructed printing is so I thought I should explain briefly as others may be wondering too. Sometimes called breakdown printing, it uses thickened Procion dyes which can be painted, dripped, applied with a syringe onto the silkscreen or squeegeed over the screen with textured items underneath the mesh. The dye is then left to dry on the silkscreen. To print with the prepared screen, clear alginate print paste or a contrasting coloured thickened dye is used. It usually requires several pulls with the squeegee to start breaking down the dried dye in the screen. As it breaks down you get wonderful organic marks which change with each print as the dried dye breaks down further. You can continue printing until almost none of the dried dye is left on the screen. It is a very free and unstructured way of screen printing and is a variation  developed by Kerr Grabowski from polychromatic printing)

Above: Juliet, who hadn’t done much printing or dyeing before but really enjoyed it.
Below: Jan did some fabulous pieces.
Below: Fay used some of my thermofax screens to print T shirts for Christmas gifts as well as doing lots of deconstructed prints.

Hania sent me her own designs to make the 2 thermofax screens below, which she used in the workshop.
I think the above prints are Melissa’s – an orange deconstructed print and a great soy wax screen.
Above: Stella’s soy wax print, which she over dyed and over printed with stencils she made & a thermofax screen.
Below: Lia’s deconstructed prints – she enjoyed layering techniques.

Below: Lyn’s prints and printed silk scarf draped over a wooden screen she made.
Above: Mychelle printed lots of wonderful fabrics – this is only a few of them.
Below: more beautiful fabric prints from Hania.

Just realised I don’t have any of Margaret’s work – have to fix that! She did a lot of pieces with writing and actually made an outfit with her fabrics when she got home.

Above: bottom left is another of Jan’s prints – the others are Judiths – also the scarves below.
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  1. These are all fabulous, I hope you’re proud, the layers are just lovely. I read an article on dsp about 15 times in QA before I got an inkling what it involved, thanks for your clear explanation.

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