Printing with dye

The week before Chrismas was quite productive – I had some mixed up Procion dyes that I wanted to use so spent 3 days printing with some good results. The 2 pics are on the print table, before curing and washing out but I have since done that. Top is a breakdown print and below, a thermofax print. I did lots more – will post pics soon.

We had a lovely Christmas spent with family – not too hot this year thankfully, although we’re expecting some hot days now. Just came back from a great barbeque meal at our daughters’ new place. It was very pleasant sitting out doors this evening.
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  1. Glad Christmas day was cool. We have similar weather, and we had a cool day too. Some Belters coming up for new Year’s Eve though!!
    Love the printing etc.

  2. Again lovely pieces. We have a mild sea breeze in this morning. Very pleasant indeed. Here’s to 2012. I think the older I get the quicker the years fly by.

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