Fibre Arts at the Monastery

I meant to tell you about the new textile workshops that will be held April 15 -22 at New Norcia WA. in my last post. There are some great workshops on offer with places still available. For all the information on these and others in the eastern states, click on fibrearts.

I didn’t want to post with out some pics, so here are a few more of my dye printing. Above: credit card scraping, Below: breakdown print & plastic lace print. Although some pieces are purely experimental, most will be taken further with more layers or cut up and used as backgrounds or in other work. I really like the lace area in the piece below so that will be used. Not so fond of the purple area. I may discharge some of the olive green but I like the area around the lace print, gives an aged look.
The last fabric needs lots more work – maybe more dye printing first then some textile paint. Turquoise, which I’ve used for the blues and greens doesn’t discharge much.

Thanks to the quilters who advised me on thread colours for my quilt in my last blog post. I had 3 different answers, but they have given me some ideas and I feel more able to make the decision.

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  1. Enjoy New Norcia – it will be amazing I think! I didn’t make Beneath SS selection, but enjoyed the process and I’m inspired to do more in that format. Also bought Scrap Republic a few weeks ago – as if I need another quilt book! But isn’t it a wonderful, simple resource based on ROYGBIV?! I’d be inclined to use natural colour thread to quilt across and over the edges. That would enhance dark/colour areas and give texture to lights. cheers

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