Feb BOM, more quilting & a Giveaway

Above: using scraps – I had a lot of pieced trimmings from another project so put them together in a log cabin design. This will grow as I haven’t finished the cutting yet. It might make a background for something.
Below: my Feb blocks. Doing these has made me sure I’ll never be a traditional quilter! (I was sure before actually) The left one wasn’t too bad but the right one turned out 1/4 inch too small. I’m not going to do it again at this stage, maybe when it comes time to put them all together, I might get enthusiastic and redo it. The dark pink central shapes are not as dark as the pic shows.

My entry for Beneath the Southern Sky ‘The Garden in a Dry Climate’ was not accepted so I can post the pics. I was worried my photo may not have been good enough but apparently it was acceptable and met the requirements. They felt my quilt didn’t fit with the others, which I understand. I printed the fabric using a photographic screen – its a repeat print which I’ve cut a section from. I added 3 appliques and free machine quilted it. It has wadding and a backing.
Detail below:
It seems I now have 200 followers – thanks all! So I’ll have a giveaway – stay tuned for details. I’ll keep it open until Feb 23rd and everyone who leaves a comment will be entered.
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  1. Love the printing, credit cards have got to be useful for something! (saves cleaning the brushes!)
    The photo screen looks intriguing (their loss!) looks like a moonscape – very dry 😉

  2. I think it is interesting and quirky, with lots to discover in close-up. Love the sprinkler – such a WA thing! Possibly more suitable for ‘stitched & bound’ exhib, like mine?

  3. I likeyou have discovered I am not a happy tradional quilter,unless it’s crazy patch!! I love the piece in the top photo, that’s much more my style.. Amazing fabric on The Garden in a Dry Climate.

  4. Whenever I’ve tried to do something traditional my blocks end up different sizes, no matter how careful I am with the cutting and stitching. I’m definitely all for scrap or random designs or improvised designs that don’t need precision. I like to use up pieces from other projects too,it gives a feeling of continuity and I enjoy the memory of what went before.

  5. I love your colour scheme, and the layout and the prints. did you do a cyanotype or a thermofax?
    Like everyone else, I’ll never be a traditional quilter, either, there is too much art to be made.
    My quilt was not accepted, either, but hey, it was my first time entering anything.

  6. Your quilt issues an invitation to touch as the texture is great and one wants to experience it. There is a relevence for me having just returned from farm sitting for my brother.It’s super.

  7. I am not a quilter at all, but I love your sort of quilt much better than traditional quilts – much more character in them I think. I can admire the intricate work in traditional quilts……but they don’t reach out to grab me. Cheers

  8. Thanks for visiting my blog, Linda. I think people like us have to move out of our comfort zone or we stagnate. It is not for everyone, but I get bored with too much repeated uniformity.

  9. Love what you have done with your scraps. Re the BOM block that is not the correct size – when this happens to me I add an extra strip/s on the sides that are small & make it my ‘artistic’ licence to the pattern…

  10. Love the bright colours in your log cabin piece and look forward to seeing how it evolves! Thankyou for letting me know you received the little parcel …… I didn’t actually go out the week or so before Christmas then forgot all about it so sorry but glad you have it now.

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