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Well, we did the draw for my giveaway tonight. I wrote all the names on pieces of paper put them in a container and my husband drew out Joy V‘s name – congratulations Joy. The fabric below was printed with the thermofax screen design which is part of the prize package.

Thank you to everyone who commented – I do enjoy reading them and being part of the community of textile bloggers.
I’ve nearly finished my 4 12 x12 different country quilts. I’ll post pics before I send them off.
Tomorrow I’m going to test drive a Juki Exceed HZL-500. I’ve been looking at buying a new sewing machine for a while – had decided to buy a Pfaff Quilt Expression 4 but when I tried it on the type of sewing I need it to do (free motion stitching on lumpy, thick, uneven surfaces) I wasn’t convinced.
My dealer suggested I try the Brother QC-2000 which I was very impressed with but was a little concerned it wouldn’t be strong enough so I continued looking. I’ve heard great reports of both machines so it may be difficult to decide.
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  1. Hi Linda, when I was doing a free motion stitching course at a local Adult Education centre, the teacher always recommended Bernina machines as able to stand up to”rough”use(with the students), the best.They are a very robust machine, able to cope with free motion stitching.

  2. Thank you Linda – that is one beautiful piece of fabric. BTW I have a Pfaff 2058 – it doesn’t have the extra space, but I love it. I friend of mine in the US has Juki and she does some beautiful work on it. It is going to be a tough decision. I think you also have to take into account where you purchase and if they have a good reliable technician for servicing.

  3. I have a low end Phaff. I use it for piecing and bindings and anything that needs the built it walking foot. I love that machine. I also have a Janome with needle down and speed control. I use it for a lot of lighter, free motion work. These two make one good sewing experience.

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