Sculpture by the Sea 2012

This week has been slightly cooler so we finally went to see Sculpture by the Sea at Cottesloe beach. As always it was a fantastic event to visit and we had a great day out with a delicious lunch of Barramundi at the OBH too. Here are some of the photos I took. Above: by Toshio Iezumi
The exhibition finishes this weekend.

I was intrigued by this work by WA artist: Anne Walmsley – it’s made from wool blankets, squashed into cubes.

The red boy: childhood – morning by Chen Wenling was shockingly stolen last night. It is made of solid aluminium but was broken off at the ankles and removed – such a pity – it was a beautiful sculpture and now it’s ruined by some mindless idiot criminal.

The Yearning by Margarita Sampson. There were many more of these in little groups around the rocks as well as some knitted creations.
just another conversation by Robin Yakinthou
Ship of Fools by Deborah Halpern
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  1. Thanks Linda for posting these pictures of the Sculptures by the Sea..We had hoped to go up tomorrow but find we cannot. I agree with you that the person who took the Red Boy was an idiot,perhaps even a stronger discription is warranted.

  2. These look amazing. thank you for sharing. My sense of humour loves the ‘tap’.
    What an absolute bogan the person/s who took the Red Boy – just stupid destruction. Hope they find out who did it.

  3. I would love to see these sculptures. Not all are to my taste but all of them are worth seeing and thinking about. Thanks so much for taking us on a walk by the sea.

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