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Blue and Green Should Never be Seen… 45cms x 75cms.
Strictly speaking, this isn’t really new – it was pieced more than a year ago but yesterday I finished the quilting and binding. I had a small collection of hand printed and dyed scraps left over from a series of work on the theme of suburban gardens and I wanted to see if I could make the colours work in a quilt. I would really welcome any constructive comments.
In case you’re wondering, the insects are aphids.
This is actually the first traditional quilt binding I’ve done. There are quite a few other quilt tops also waiting to be finished. As well this week, I’ve got my 2 entries for Quiltwest finished with labels, hanging sleeves and bags.
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  1. Good on you doing that binding.I’ve never tried binding a quilt.Tha’s on my list of TO DO’S!!
    Love those colours combined.

  2. Love the green & blue with the yellow giving it a zing. The integration of the circles into the squares is great. Binding, what’s binding (he, he)?

    Thanks for the info on screens, hope you’re better 😉

  3. Linda, thank you for visiting my blog. I really appreciate your comment. I see no big problems with your new piece. You have a good balance of lights and darks and your blues, greens and yellows blend well. If I had to get picky, I would suggest that you could have put the middle circle, not so centered. It divides the composition. But that is not a biggie and we all do it sometimes.

  4. I have long been a fan of the blue green combination, around 40 years ago I painted a wide passage way in my home with this combination. And when I look out the window I see blue sky, green trees, what more can I say. Well done, love it.

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