Printing and more Darwin pics

I’m doing a 2nd article, this time on thermofax printing, for the Online Quilt Magazine. It required some photos, – above is a result of today’s thermofax printing session.
Below: I made a little print block from a strip of corrugated cardboard and test printed on a rollered background. The block is at the bottom of the pic.

We did a day trip from Darwin including a boat cruise on Corroboree Billabong, Mary River. The bird life was fantastic – I enjoyed this cruise more than the jumping croc one in my last post, although we did see plenty of crocodiles there too including the smaller fresh water type.

It was wonderful to see a pair of Brolgas (NT state emblem)

I can’t remember all the names, but I think this was a type of stork or a pied herron.

A white chested sea eagle

This bird dives underwater for its food – its drying out here.

The billabong was full of lotus plants and flowers (close up of a leaf and seed pod below)

A crocodile sunbaking on the bank.

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  1. Linda, that print block from corrugated card is brill’!!!How simple, but what an interesting pattern it makes.
    The Darwin photos of the birds etc. Such brilliant greens, and wonderful birds.
    You had a great trip by all accounts.

  2. I do love the versatility of cardboard, great prints & congrats with the article 😉
    Fabulous cruise you were on & I wouldn’t have liked thse crocs either ;( Would love to have been under that fall, tho!

  3. We’re doing a thermofax workshop next week at textiles group – can’t wait. I’d love to try those seed pods for stamping too!

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