Card making

I made a few cards last week. They’re very purple – the blanks were a bargain buy, $1 for packs of 8 with white envelopes. Now I need to find some cellophane bags for them and they’ll go in the shop at Genesis in the Hills.

Below: a couple of my demo pieces from a printing workshop a couple of weeks ago. We were going to do sun prints as well as block printing etc. but it was such a wet, stormy and windy day, so we did scrunching and salt effects instead.
Some of the tropical flowers at the Parap markets in Darwin. Aren’t they gorgeous!

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  1. Isn’t card making addictive? Yours are lovely as are the prints. Weather really does it’s own thing and doesn’t care if you want to sun print.

    Beautiful flowers. Thanks for commenting on my blog.

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