Sun Printing and new thermofax designs

I bought some new Sun Dyes paints from The Thread Studio $65 for 10, including 3 shimmer colours.
I tried them on a day when there was not much sun but they worked well anyway – we’re having sunny days now but haven’t had a chance to do more yet. There is a great choice of colours too – lots more than I’ve shown here.

Some new designs for my thermofax screens finally! Below: a few of them – what do you think? I also want to do some word or writing ones but my next job is to tidy and reorganise my studio because I’m having 2 studio visiting days soon for the Quilt Study Group and WAFTA. I don’t think anyone would like to see it at the moment and I’m not doing before and after pics!

Some Darwin trees…

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  1. All three screen designs look good to me. My latest craze is screenprinting on to clay before I cut out shapes to make into brooches and buttons. It actually works!

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