Breakdown printing workshop – students’ fabric

Here’s me talking about deColourant discharging gel. I had 12 participants in my workshop – while it was about breakdown printing, we did some other printing techniques too.
The following pics are work from my students who produced some great fabric. I can’t remember all of who did what so I’ll only give names if I know them.

 Above & below: some of Pamela’s fabric.
 Tish’s fabric – she used a squeeze bottle to apply the lines to the screen for both of these

 Loralie’s fabric: above uses a texture rubbing plate & below the texture object is top left.

Louise’s fabric (below)

Betsy’s fabric: ironing the discharge gel (printed with 1 of her thermofax screens she ordered from me)

 I think the green/yellow fabric is hers too?

Betsy’s fabric

 Most of these fabrics were done on the first day, then taken home to batch and wash out. Then were brought back to the second workshop day, 2 weeks later when the photos were taken. A few people added anotherlayer to their fabrics. Some of the pics were taken of the second day’s printing before batching. I don’t have photos of the finished pieces because they were again taken home to batch etc. If anyone would like to send me more pics of their washed out pieces – please do!
I hope I have something from everyone here.

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