Last week…

The above piece was done with heat transfer dyes on a bright yellow polyester, linen look fabric. Not my usual colours but I really like it. I also painted lots of other papers to transfer later. The painted papers last indefinitely as long as they’re stored away from light.

The workshop with Kerr Grabowski last Wednesday and Thursday was great. I’ve been using the de-constructed printing process for a couple of years now, learnt from books, DVDs and my own experimentation but there were some new things as well as lots of inspiration and fun. Kerr is a warm and entertaining tutor and a very talented artist. I really enjoyed her mark making and design skills, she draws everyday and it shows in her work.

Most of my fabrics done in the workshop are still batching because I continued working on them at home except the piece below which was printed with 2 screens made with a mix of paraffin and bees wax using 2 methods that were new to me. I’ll post more pics when my fabrics are finished.

Last weekend I had to take some photos of red gum/Marri trees so I went for a walk in the bush ajoining our property – here are some of the photos. Below: Clematis creeper.

Kangaroo paws:

Marri or red gum tree
Eucalyptus Calophylla which is native to this area.

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  1. I love the transfer prints Linda, looks like a bojagi cloth.
    One of our creative group spent 5 days with Kerr the week before at the Geelong Forum and had a great time also.

  2. I love the piece with the heat transfer dyes. One techniques on my ‘to-do’ list. I have used the bits & pieces I won from you some time back, but unfortunately gave them away before I took a photo. When I get a chance to do some more (journal covers) will send a photo. (note to self – remember photos….)

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