Some exhibition photos

Top: The White Challenge pieces looked good in the central area under a skylight – my 2 are on the right. ‘Skeleton Leaves’ (right) was sold on the opening night. I’ll have to decide what to do with my    other piece, ‘Lace Circles’ now.

My Machine Embroidered Vessel
with turned Jarrah base (made by DH)
another view
‘Fallen Log’
Free machine embroidery, hand printed cotton & silk, wadding, mounted onto a canvas.
Red Challenge pieces – ‘Spikey Heart’ is mine, in the centre and ‘Breakthrough’ below.
I’ll post some more general photos on the DW blog tomorrow.
The exhibition is now closed but I think everyone felt it was successful. Visitors were very enthusiastic and spent a lot of time looking at everything, although sales could have been better. Our exhibition committee and others did a fantastic job of organising everything.
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  1. Wonderful Exhibit. I know it looks even better in person. Just wondering about how you mounted your work on canvas. Did you sew it or glue it. I contacted Wen Redmon and she suggested a glue called Bindex.

  2. Was sad that I could not get to the exhibition, working five and a half days in our Op shop precluded that.Now we have a new manager life might be a little easier.Love the photos made me even more sad that we could not get there and see your work..

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