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Some of my demo pieces from the heat transfer workshop – above was a fairly random arrangement of torn painted papers and resists (fern leaves & yarn) which were heat transferred onto delustred satin – came out surprisingly well!

In this sample, a lace doyley was used as the resist. The paper (right) was painted, glad wrap was placed over the wet dye and left to dry – a watercolour technique with gives the patterning shown.

Right: from a crayon rubbing, painted with dye with some block prints added – transferred onto panne velvet.

  The print above was made with packing cardboard rolled into a cylinder, cut into 2 then taped together (below). The woodgrain look block was made from a polystyrene tray scored with a biro and the triangles are sticky back, fun foam shapes stuck onto foam core board. They are all printed with opaque white textile printing ink on cotton fabric.

‘Floating Leaves’ isn’t new but I had to photograph it this week. It is now on its way to a new home in the US. It is also done with heat transfer dyes on synthetic fabrics, collaged and free motion machine stitched.

Silk chiffon scarf below, pole wrapped and painted with Setasilk then steamed.
I received a lovely package in the mail from my Japanese friend Reiko. She is a quilter and she makes the most wonderful little gifts from silk fabrics. Aren’t they beautiful? Thank you so much Reiko!
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  1. Wow, I’ve been away from here a while & it shows, what fabulous things you’ve been doing! Wish I’d been able to wish you luck for your show, looked great & a good sale. I love that half your work was white & half brightly colored.

    Garden’s looking beautiful, amazing trees, & lovely scarves you’ve recently photographed. You inspire me to get out my one dvd of Kerr G, very informative. Hope your head is better!

  2. Lovely ideas and images. I would like to use silk more – why are we so afraid of it? Picked up an out-of-date sample book from a shop yesterday – a cotton/silk mix. Great colours. Not sure what to do with it yet though. Have a good Christmas, Linda.

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