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This is a chalky pastel drawing on fabric made permanent by a layer of clear printing ink over the top which is the heat set when dry. Below: sample pieces of the same process. The flower was thermofax printed then coloured with the pastels.

2 new thermofax screen designs, printed in my sketchbook below.
Below is a detail of a new piece I made for the Minnawarra Art Prize called ‘Scorched Earth’
It began as a breakdown print to which I’ve added thermofax printing, stitch,etc.

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  1. Some gorgeous textural works here Linda.Interesting pastel work- first pic.Looking again to re read(it’s early here- not had my cuppa yet!!).
    Nice to see you back.Have you sorted those family issues/events now.

  2. Your scorched earth piece is just delicious specially with the new screen added, I can’t get away from terracotta with blue…I don’t really want to 😉

  3. These are wonderful studies. Just so effective. I never heard of clear printer’s ink. I have to find that, as it is hard to make pastels permanent. Thanks for posting.

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