Scorched Earth sold!

I went to pick up my 2 pieces from the Minnawarra Art Awards this morning and found out the quilt (above) was sold. I’m very happy someone liked it enough to buy it, but I know I underpriced it. I was in such a rush getting my entry in and had to price it before actually making it. I had carefully stitched it to a stretched canvas with the idea I could remove it later, add a sleeve, and enter it into a future quilt show. Now it’s gone, I’ll have to get some more finished!

We went to the exhibition opening which was very nice, live music, good food, lots of people and prize giving. The work looked great, well presented and a very good standard – mostly paintings, but some sculpture, textiles, etc. They also produced an attractive catalogue with artist statements and a
colour photo of each piece. I hope to enter again next year.

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  1. It is good that you had a sale, but that was a particularly great piece. I am really discouraged about how little we are getting for our work now. I am not working as much.

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