Heat transfer dyeing blues & Autumn garden pics

I was given lots of fabric pieces, lace and abandoned projects from my M.I.L’s huge collection. A lot were offcuts of synthetic dressmaking fabrics which were suitable for heat transfer dyeing. The pic shows some after dyeing. They were all white to begin with – some were done by heat transferring from painted papers while others were coloured by painting directly onto the fabric, then heat setting in an Elna press.
Designing Women are having a blue challenge for June, so the blue fabrics may end up there.

Our Persimmon tree is looking lovely at the moment and we had a good crop of fruit this year too – still eating some of them. Great for breakfast with Greek yoghurt!

Agapanthus after flowering

Another sunflower appeared
weathered wood



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  1. Very lovely and interesting collection of blues. I seem to have a larger stash of blues in my collection than any other color. I guess it is because they offer the best contrast to the warmer colors. Your yard is beautiful with the fall. We are entering summer here.

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