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I finally finished my Mysterium piece, right on the deadline after many long days and nights sewing.
I can’t show it yet and the exhibition is not until October. The work had to be in early so a catalogue with photos etc. could be prepared.

I’m now working on my DW blue challenge piece – also running late because of the above. This is one of the fabrics I received in the brown paper bag from Juliet. I stitched it, following the design, onto some shrink fabric and shrunk it using a steam iron. It shrinks by about 30%. I’m in the process of making it into a bag. which was frustrating yesterday. I was making a lining for the bag – had just made a zipped pocket and was cutting out the other parts of the lining when the pocket disappeared. I’ve looked all over for it but still haven’t found it and I don’t have another zip – so annoying.

We had our Designing Women meeting last Saturday where lots of members had brought their finished blue works – should be a good display for the WA Craft Show: August 2 – 4th at Claremont showgrounds. I’ve updated the blog so you can see the blue pieces and more here.

Last Friday I did a thermofax demo and talk for the Contemporary Quilt Group. They seemed to enjoy trying out some prints – several bought screens and were interested in developing their own designs for a screen. It will be interesting to see what develops.
I’m also tutoring a thermofax workshop at the Stirling Art Centre in Bunbury on the 17th August. The previous 1 was cancelled so I hope this goes ahead.

You may have noticed the SAQA Oceania badge at the side of my blog. I made a 12 x 12 quilt for the auction along with many others from the region. A blog hop has been set up so you can visit each maker’s blog and see how they made their quilt. Click on the badge to see who’s coming up.

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  1. What you’ve done with that blue fabric is pretty cool and I like that it is going into a bag. Oh, do I empathize about the lost pocket! It will only reappear once you’ve bought another zipper or decided to proceed without it, right?

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