Bag finished – pocket still missing

Here is my finished bag. All the materials except the lining, zip, magnetic snap closure, zip and flower embellishment, were from my challenge bag. I still have some things left: more fabric, tyvek and some small ceramic tiles which I will try to use in another project. The bag handles are made from machine embroidered cords.

A couple of views of the lining and offending pocket – I thought the 1st one I made might turn up when I bought a new zip and made another, but not yet. I may need a major tidy up/re-organisation!

I made this a long time ago for my daughter. The cord had become ragged so I fixed it by adding another cord and machine zigzagging over both. I finished off the ends of the new cord with the beads at the sides. Now she has re-claimed it. Below: the back. It has a Velcro closure which I don’t do any more.


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